Rerunners Trailer


Here is the Rerunners Trailer I worked on for the month of July and August.

Two month of good crazy work to realize this Trailer. The Klang Gang has been nice enough to let me completely free on it ( which would explain the crazy look it gives 😀 )
I have been working with really good friends on it :

Thomas Agnelet for the colors of the Backgrounds :

Felix Neumann for the 2d Flash Animation :

Mickael Gangate for the FX :

and David Magnusson for the Audio :

Seeing the Short deadline I had this would have never been able without the great help of my friends Romain Ferrand ( ) and Antoine Carrere. Im grateful that they helped me and followed me on this crazy work !

Here you go !!

I was on the direction of this project and animated the traditionnal animation part. I also drew all of the differents backgrounds. Something that I was not use to do and Im pretty happy with the result. I also did all the compositing work.

Here I can show you the preproduction Layouts I did before sending to Thomas for the color, for the rest, you have everything by looking the trailer 😉