Here is some short compositing works I did for a starting Web-Serie called PRYSM.
We started this project with a good group of people in Paris, trying to find a way to talk about ComicBook and Cinema.

My role on this first episode was to do some cool compositing to support the audio and try to use handmade graphics that would keep the viewer into the world of comics using a graphic comic book style inspired mostly from « The Mask » and « Transmetropolitan »

Rerunners is out


Rerunners is finally out.! We finally succeeded after two years working on it to ship this game. Im really proud of the work we did with Klang, it’s been a long way since I started working on the animation and graphics for rerunners. Two years of work to give a open, supercolorful and overanimated game 😀 My task is done but the game is still on process, with great add-ons (multiplayer, challenges,quests…)